General terms and conditions of sale

The offer and sale of products on our website Royskin are governed by these Conditions of Sale.

Products sold by Royskin are directly sold by Royskin snc, headquartered in Italy, Via Saliceto,28 Castel Maggiore (BO), Iscr. Reg Imp, Tax Identification and VAT no. IT 03801801204 .

You can ask any information to Royskin snc using our services: contact Customer Service.

If you need more information please go to the service consumer section. You will find information relating to orders, shipments, refunds and returning products purchased on Royskin snc.

Remember you can always contact Royskin snc, by e-mail ( or by phone at +39 051 531226 .

For further legal information, please read: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Right of Return.

1. Our trade policy

1.1 The Seller offers for sale, at Royskin snc, products and operates e-commerce exclusively to its end users, who are "consumers".

1.2 When we speak of "consumer" shall mean any natural person acting on Royskin snc for purposes not related to his trade, business or professional activity. If you are not a "consumer" please refrain from doing business through Royskin snc

1.3 In view of its commercial policy, the Seller reserves the right not to accept orders from anyone other than the "consumer" and any other orders that do not comply its trade policy.

1.4 These Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of purchase orders for products on Royskin snc among users of Royskin snc and the Seller.

1.5 The General Conditions of Sale do not regulate the provision of services or sale of products by parties other than the Seller, which are on Royskin snc through links, banners or other hypertext links. We recommend, before placing orders and purchasing products and services from persons other than the Seller, to check their conditions of sale, because the Seller is not responsible for the provision of services by third parties other than the Seller or the conclusion of e-commerce transactions between users of Royskin snc and third parties.

2. How conclude a contract with Royskin snc

2.1 To conclude the purchase of one or more products on Royskin snc, you must fill out the order form and send it electronically to the Seller, via data transmission, according to the instructions.

2.2 The order form contains a link to the General Conditions of Sale, and a summary of information on the characteristics of each ordered product and its price, (including all applicable taxes), means of payment that can be used to purchase each product and the method of delivery of products purchased, shipping and delivery costs, a reference to the conditions for your right of withdraw and how and when to return products purchased.

2.3 The contract is concluded when the seller receives, via data transmission, your order form, after verification of the correctness of data relating to your order.

2.4 Prior to purchasing the products, by transmitting the order form, you will be asked to read carefully the General Conditions of Sale and the Information about right of withdraw, print a copy and save or reproduce one for your personal use.

2.5 The order form will be filed in our database for the period of time required to process your order and as provided by law. You can access to your order form, referring section My order.

2.6 Before submitting the order form, you will be asked to identify and correct any errors in data entry.

2.7 The language available to conclude the contract with the Seller is English.

2.8 Concluded the contract Royskin snc will take care of your purchase order.

2.9 The Seller will not process your purchase orders that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or which are incomplete or incorrect, or in case of unavailability of products. In these cases we will inform you by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that the Seller has not carried out your purchase order specifying the reasons. If the products presented on Royskin snc, are not anymore available for sale from the time of your last access to the site or from sending your order form, the Seller will inform you, at the right time and in any case within thirty (30) days from the following day on which you submitted your order to the Seller, the possible unavailability of ordered products. In case of forwarding the order form and pay the price, the Seller will refund you the sum paid in advance.

2.10 With the transmission of the order form, you unconditionally accept and undertake you in dealing with the Seller, with these Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree with any of these terms of General Conditions of Sale, please do not submit your order form to purchase products at Royskin snc.

2.11 By submitting an order form, you confirm that you understand and accept the General Conditions of Sale and further information on TRoyskin snc, also through links, including the General Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy and Information Notice on the right of withdraw.

2.12 To complete the contract, the Seller will send you by e-mail, a receipt of purchase order, containing a summary of the information, contained in the order form (General Conditions of Sale, Information about right to refund, information concerning the essential characteristics of the product and detailed indication of price, means of payment and delivery costs)

3. Guarantees and indication of product prices

3.1 Royskin snc offers for sale exclusively brands and top quality These products are purchased directly from the Seller at fashion houses, manufacturers and dealers, carefully selected by stringent quality controls.

3.2 The Seller does not sell used products, irregular or inferior to the corresponding standards offered on the market.

3.3 The essential characteristics of each product are shown on Royskin snc website. The images and colors of products offered for sale on Royskin snc, may not exactly correspond to the reality, it depends on the effect of the Internet browser and monitor.

3.4 The prices of products are subject to possible changes and up to dates. Make sure the final price of sale before sending the order form.

3.5 Orders made from countries not included among those displayed on the splash page can not be accepted by the Seller.

3.6 All products come with original box. We ask you to do not to throw away the original packaging a sit is an integral part.

3.7 In case of exercising your right of withdraw, the Seller has the right not to accept returned products which are without original packaging or have been altered from their original status or have been damaged.

4. Payments

4.1 To pay the price of the products and their shipping costs you will find one of the procedures specified in the order form.

4.2 If paying by credit card, financial information (for example, the number of credit / debit card or the expiration date) will be sent by encrypted protocol to Setefi Spa or other banks, which provide the relevant remote electronic payment services, without in any way the access of third parties. Such details will never be used by the Seller except for performing the procedures relating to your purchase or issuing relevant refunds in case of any returns, for exercising your right of withdraw, or if it is necessary to prevent or report to the police commission a fraud on Royskin snc The price for the purchase of products and shipping, as indicated in the order form, will be debited from your checking account.

5. Shipping and delivery of products

5.1 For specific shipping methods and delivery of products, go to the Shipping section, to the Customer Service Section. Please be attentioned to what is reported in this section because the information contains an integral and essential part of these Conditions of Sale and, therefore, consider yourself fully known and accepted when you make the transmission of the order form.

5. Spedizione e consegna dei prodotti

5.1 Per conoscere le specifiche modalità di spedizione e di consegna dei prodotti, accedi alla sezione Spedizioni, all'interno dell'area Servizio Consumatori. Ti preghiamo di prestare attenzione a quanto riportato in questa sezione perché le indicazioni ivi contenute formano parte integrante e sostanziale delle presenti Condizioni Generali di Vendita e, pertanto, si ritengono da te integralmente conosciute ed accettate al momento della trasmissione del modulo d'ordine.

6. Customer assistance

6.1 You can ask any information through our services assistance: contact customer service by email or by calling +39 051 531226 . For more information, go to Customer Service. 

7. Right of withdraw

7.1 You have the right to terminate the contract with the Seller, without penalty and without giving any reason, within seven (7) working days from the date you received your purchased goods from Royskin snc.

7.3 In this case, you must return the products to the Seller by delivering to the carrier for delivery within seven (7) working days run from when you received the goods.

7.4 The expenses are those, which you have to pay to return purchased products. Please see section shipping / returns to look up the costs

7.5 The Right to withdraw in addition to compliance with the terms and procedures described in sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 - is exercised properly if they are entirely satisfied by the following conditions: The product must not be used, worn, washed or damaged; Products must be returned in their original packaging; Products must be returned to the Seller in a single shipment. The Seller reserves the right not to accept products of a single order returned and delivered at different times; Returned products must be delivered to the carrier within seven (7) working days from the date you received the products.

7.6 If the right of withdraw is exercised in the manner and time limits specified in this paragraph 7, the Seller shall refund the amounts paid to purchase the products net of shipping costs.

7.7 The money will be repaid in the shortest possible time and in any event within thirty (30) days from the date on which the Seller is aware of your Right of withdraw will activate the refund procedure, once we verify the correct execution of the terms and conditions stated above, as indicated in paragraph 8.

7.8 If you do not comply with the procedures and time limits for exercising your right of cancellation, as specified in this paragraph, you will not have the right to reimbursement of sums already paid to the Seller; However, you shall be entitled, at your expense, in the state in which the products were returned to the Seller. Otherwise, Seller will keep the products in addition to sums already paid for their purchase.

8. Time and manner for refunding

8.1 After returning items, Seller make sure to the compliance with the same conditions and time limits specified in paragraph 7. In the event that the checks are successfully concluded, the Seller will send you by email, confirmation of acceptance of returned products.

8.2 No matter which mode of payment you used, the reimbursement is activated by the Seller in the shortest time possible and within thirty (30) days from the date on which the Seller is aware of your Right of withdraw, after verification of proper implementation of your right of withdraw and acceptance of returned products.

8.3 If there is not a correspondence between the consignee of the goods specified in the order form and who has made payment of sums due for their purchase, the refund of amounts, if they exercise the right of withdraw, will be executed by the Seller, against those who made the payment.

8.4 The value date of crediting the charge is the same and therefore suffer no loss in terms of bank interest.

8.5 The Seller indicates the consignor for the return of products, the courier TNT and affiliates.

9. Privacy

9.1 You will find information on how we treat your personal information by clicking on Privacy Policy.

9.2 Please also read, if you have not already done so, the Terms and Conditions of Use, which contain important information about how we treat personal information of our users and the adopted security systems.

9.3 For further information to our Privacy Policy you can contact the following email address: or our headquarter: Via Saliceto,28 Castel Maggiore (BO), Italy.

10. Applicable law and dispute resolution

10.1 The General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by Legislative Decree No 6 Sept. 2005. 206, on the Consumer Code, with specific reference to the legislation on distance contracts and by Legislative Decree No 9 April 2003. 70 on certain aspects of electronic commerce.

10.2 In case of dispute between the Seller and each end user, the jurisdiction is that of Mantova.

11. Edit and update

11.1 The General Conditions of Sale may be modified from time to time in consideration of possible regulatory changes. The new Conditions of Sale shall be effective from the date of publication of and .

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